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The Original Mexican Gelatin 5.5 oz Cup
It is a surprise of three mixed explosion of flavors and colors all in one cup with a non-dairy vanilla gelatin layer in the middle. The texture of the gelatin is firm and has the right amount of sweetener which makes it a refreshing snack and perfect portion for a luch.

Rice Pudding Mexican Style 8.5 oz Cup
A traditional homemade recipe of natural ingredients including whole grain rice, milk, cinnamon and vanilla. We slowly cook these ingredients and add extra cinnamon on top to create this creamy and indulgent snack. Our portion of 8.5 ounces is perfect for an adult!

The Original Creamy Gelatin 5.5 oz Cup
We offer a unique homemade recipe of non-dairy creamy gelatin combined with flavors of vanilla, rompope or strawberry. Rompope is a traditional mexican flavor which ir rich, creamy and decadently sweet, similar to eggnog. Our creamy gelatins will delight your senses.

Parfait Treats Gelatin 5.5 oz Cups
Parfait is a fun combination of creamy non-dairy vanilla gelatin mixed with cubes of strawberry, lemon or lime gelatin. The combination of who flavors has the perfect amount of sweetness and firm texture.

Caramel Flan 4.5 oz Cups
The natural caramel and vanilla flavors will catch your attention as you experience this unique homemade custard like texture of vanilla gelatin and eggs, combined with natural cinnamon and vanilla flavors. Our serving is in a perfect portion for dessert or an indulgent snack.

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